If you have any issues loading Swipe magazine, please let us know so we can help or even make improvements for the next update.
Just email us at: feedback@swipe-mag.com

Q: I am running iOS 4 on my iPad. Can I still dive into Swipe magazine?
A: Unfortunately, no. Please see answer below.
Q: Why does Swipe magazine only run on iOS 5 or later?
A: Apart from providing our development team a more simplified testing procedure, the main reasons for this are:

  • More than 85% of iOS devices have now migrated to iOS 5
  • All existing iPads can run this OS
Q: How much does Swipe magazine cost?
A: The current issue of Swipe magazine is completely FREE. We charge a modest amount for back issues, which are available from the ‘swipe mag’ Newsstand app.
Q: Does this app have push notifications?
A: Not yet. But we hope to have that, along with other enhancements in future updates/editions.
Q: Is Swipe magazine available for my iPhone and/or iPad?
A: Swipe magazine is only available on iPad. However, there may be an iPhone version sometime in the future.
Q: Can this app run on my Nook Book, PlayBook or Android phone?
A: Sorry, no. Swipe magazine currently only runs on Apple devices.
Q: We are the developer/publisher of an awesome game and think our creation deserves to be in Swipe magazine. Whom should we talk to?
A: Simply email us at feedback@swipe-mag.com and we can go from there.

If you are having problems downloading, opening or viewing Swipe magazine, please try the following options:

  • Ensure your iPad is running iOS 5 or later. (Update your iPad to the latest software if not.)
  • Try closing the app and restarting it.
  • Restart your iPad.
  • Remove the app and re-install it.