swipe magazine – issue 7

Red alert, shields up as issue 7 warps into view

• Previews of the games-of-the-moment: everything you could possibly want to know on Star Command and an in-depth look at Angry Birds Seasons: Abra-Ca-Bacon

• Reviews of the must-check games, including Fetch, BADLAND, Nimble Quest, Tiny Troopers 2: Special Ops, Star Wars Pinball, Block Fortress, Plasma-Sky, and many more

• Probing interview with Firaxis on bringing XCOM: Enemy Unknown to the App Store

Smash Trek: the unstoppable – and totally superlicious – free game beams itself on board in thinly disguised, sci-fi-themed fashion

• Our current Top 5 Shmups for iPad revealed

• Divided iPinion – 1 provocative question, 10 answers by team members of the world’s leading iOS sites

• Learn the skills you need to speed through Sonic Dash

• iPad Basics: because iPad ownership is only easy if you know how…

• Over 80 games and apps featured, including must-own recommendations

• Guaranteed interactive fun, videos, and wise words!

• And more, more, more…

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