swipe magazine – issue 5

Firemonkeys’s Real Racing 3 revs onto the cover of issue 5

• Reviews of the recent must-check games, including Real Racing 3, Anomaly Korea, Temple Run 2, Into the Dead, Hundreds, and many more

• RPG themed review special: Might & Magic Clash of Heroes, Final Fantasy IV, Heroes & Castles, Ravensword: Shadowlands, Zenonia 5, Dungelot

• The Top 5 Console Spin-Off games to hit iOS

• In-depth interview with 11 bit studios, creator of Anomaly Korea

• Hints & tips guide to Hundreds

Orc Assault: the inimitable – and totally exclusive – free game is back in Tolkienesque themed fashion!

• iPad Basics: because iPad ownership is only easy if you know how…

• Over 70 games and apps featured, including must-own recommendations

• Guaranteed interactive fun, videos, and wise words!

• And more, more, more…

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