swipe magazine – issue 3

The Force is strong with this one: Rovio’s empire strikes back for issue 3

• Reviews of the recent must-check games, including Angry Birds Star Wars, FIFA 13, Need for Speed Most Wanted, Punch Quest, ARC Squadron, Curiosity, Clash of Clans, Walking Dead, Devil’s Attorney, True Skate, The World Ends With You, and many more

• A supercool and ultra-comprehensive review of the iPad mini

• Soundbytes special ‘Peter Molyneux edition’ celebrating the release of Curiosity

• Previews of the biggest imminent games – we go hands-on with Modern Combat 4: Zero Hour

• Fully operational hints & tips guide to Angry Birds Star Wars – conquer this great game, you will

• Droid Smash 2: the inimitable – and totally exclusive – free game is back bigger and better!

• iPad Basics: it’s only easy if you know how

• Over 60 games and apps featured, including must-own recommendations

• Guaranteed interactive fun, videos, and wise words!

• And more, more, more…

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